Voucher Program

YBH Voucher Program

Thank you for participating in our voucher program. Your participation helps support YBH.

You may buy vouchers and YBH cash from Dina Brody at the YBH office, or the voucher volunteer.

During the school year, vouchers are sold in the YBH office Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM and Fridays from 8 AM-10 AM.

If you would like to send home vouchers with your child, please sign and submit the VOUCHER RELEASE FORM

During the summer months, vouchers are sold in the office from 8:30 AM-10 AM, Monday through Thursday.



Please call the volunteer before going to her home

Miriam Bacon
441 Rutherford Blvd., Clifton – 973-472-9688
Selling Hours:
Mon – Thurs – 8:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Participating Vendor Vouchers

Click here for a complete list of participating vendors

Vendors Accepting YBH Cash

Food Stores
  • A-1 Nutrition
  • Jerusalem II Pizza Shop
  • Junior’s Kosher Konnection
  • Menagerie Caterers
  • Prima Pizza
  • Quick Check (No tobacco & no lottery tickets)
  • Sea Blue Fish Market
  • Seasons Supermarket
  • Yochie’s Bakery
Medical Services
  • Medical Services
    • Dr. Philip Ledereich (ear, nose, throat)
    • Dr. Melissa Steinberg (ophthalmologist)
    • Dr. Jerry Sanders (chiropractor)
    • Mercy Home Care
  • Dental
    • Allwood Family Dentistry
    • Dr. Jeffrey Kranis
    • Dr. Elli Schulman
    • Dr. Moshe Yeroshalmi
  • Vision
    • Family Eye Center
    • Visions Eyewear
  • DAS Pharmacy-110 Van Houten Avenue 973-955-4600
Dry Cleaners
  • Cleaners.com
  • Sunflower Cleaners
  • Tower Cleaners
  • V.I.P. Cleaners
  • Zober Cleaners
Simcha & Gift
  • Atelier Printing and Design (Reuven Elson) Invitations only
  • Capalbo’s Gift Baskets
  • Fabulous Fruits (Avigayil Adler) 973-246-6968
  • Rabbi Eliezer Krohn Mohel
  • Tifereth Israel Rentals Only
  • Miriam Dubinsky Photography miriamdubinsky.com 973-563-1833
  • Simcha Portraits & Photography P. King 973-594-1595
  • Simcha Connections Photography E. Blejer 973-778-6549
  • Passaic Park Auto Repairs only
  • Raineri’s Sunoco Repairs only
  • Summit Oil
  • Titan Repairs only
  • Wayne’s Service Center Repairs Only
  • Emes Cabinets
  • Eva’s Corner
  • OMO, Inc.
  • Barry Stein Tax & Accounting 646-284-3377
  • The Stephen Schwartz Law Firm, LLC 973-931-1234
  • Weiss Enterprises Water Treatment Systems
  • Yitzchak Weiss, CPA 973-472-0180
  • Yudin’s Appliances