The Early Childhood Department (ECD) is your child’s introduction to the world of knowledge in an atmosphere that allows him/her to blossom and grow and truly maximize his or her potential in a meaningful way. The children experience the sweetness and beauty of Torah and enjoy days packed with the excitement of discovery and creativity. Our experienced and caring Morahs create a warm environment filled with the joy of learning while developing their social and cognitive skills. Utilizing educational and fun hands on experiences including library, music and movement, and computers they enable the children to build a solid foundation for the future.


The YBH nursery provides our youngest school members with their first taste of formal education. Our three-year-olds’ neshamos, physical and emotional growth, and innate curiosity about the world are nurtured in a warm and loving environment. Each of our classrooms are equipped with various centers encouraging the children to develop their skills through art, dramatic play, block play, story time, fine motor and gross motor activities. Through the teaching of parsha, yomim tovim, middos and Alef Beis, our experienced and trained morahs imbue the children with an excitement for Torah and mitzvos.


Students in kindergarten at YBH enter an environment tailored to meet their cognitive, physical, social and emotional needs. We recognize that our four-yearolds are beginning to explore the world around them more independently. Our child-centered curriculum provides multi-sensory and experiential learning opportunities that engage the whole child in the learning process. Our kindergartners begin their formal academic program with daily instruction in Alef Beis, emergent literacy, math and writing skills. We provide the chinuch that helps them interact with peers and adults with middos tovos and derech eretz in a positive way. In the kindergarten classroom, we nurture a love of Yiddishkeit and a thirst for learning through the lessons on parsha, yomim tovim and our mesorah.

PRE - 1A

As our children move into their “senior year” in the YBH Early Childhood Department, they enter a classroom environment where our comprehensive Limudei Kodesh and General Studies programs are taught through the lens of Torah and derech eretz. The developmental skills that help them fine-tune their interpersonal relationships are as important as our kriah and early literacy programs. Students learn and play in our beautiful, well-equipped classrooms and indoor and outdoor recreational areas. Our teachers create an excitement for learning and guide students to become independent learners who take pride in their accomplishments. Parents feel secure leaving their precious nursery-pre1a children in the capable hands of our devoted morahs, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Morah Perele Mendlowitz

Morah Perele Mendlowitz is the Director of YBH’s Early Childhood Department (ECD).

A gifted and loving teacher, Morah Perele brings a combination of talent and caring to the ECD. Children that have been in Morah Perele’s class, or just passed by her in the hall, know immediately that they are in the presence of a person who will give them a welcoming smile and unconditional acceptance.

It is no wonder that the children’s faces light up when they see her, and they run over to say hello to her. It is this warm and caring environment that characterizes the ECD. Morah Perele, echoing the sentiments of all of the ECD teachers, feels that only in a safe and nurturing environment can children develop and grow socially, emotionally, and academically.

“The preschool at YBH has always lived up to its reputation as a warm and loving environment where basic skills are learned in a way that encourages curiosity about the world around them. The Morahs & Teachers are welltrained and experienced enabling our children to express their creativity and to begin to discover their unique talents and abilities.”