Parnas HaYom

Dear YBH Families,

The PTA would like to thank all those friends and families who have participated in our Parnas Hayom program. As you know, this is a special program that allows families to publicly commemorate a yahrtzeit, express gratitude to Hashem for reaching a joyous milestone or ask for a refuah shalema for a choleh. Our mesorah teaches that it is appropriate to use all those three occasions to pledge tzeddaka, and with your participation in Parnas Hayom you can I”YH acquire the zechuios (merits) from our students’ Torah learning.

Once again we invite you to support our yeshiva by sponsoring a day or week of learning.  All Parnas Hayom dedications are listed in the Yeshiva’s weekly newsletter as well as on the PTA’s website page.  The dedications along with the sponsor’s name are displayed for the week on our beautiful Parnas Hayom plaque located in the front lobby of the school building. In addition, the dedications will be announced on the Monday morning of the week that the dedication occurs. You may also request that we send a copy of the newsletter to a family member so that they can see the dedication has been made.

There are three ways to participate in the Parnas HaYom Program:

  1. Daily DedicationMinimum Contribution of $100. Learning will be dedicated on the day of your choice.
  2. Weekly DedicationMinimum Contribution of $360. Learning will be dedicated for a full week of your choice.
  3. Annual DedicationMinimum Contribution of $1,000. Learning will be dedicated every year on the date you provide. They are a particularly wonderful way to mark the occasion of a yahrzeit.

Not only is it a special opportunity to acknowledge a significant day in your family’s life but also your tzeddakah  is used in a meaningful way for our YBH students. The money collected from this program allows us, among other things, to bring rebbeim and rebbetzins to speak to our students and funds special Torah enrichment programs for all our grades.

To participate in this wonderful program, please fill out the enclosed form and return it to the school office.  You may also contact Zipporah Gasner (973-471-7045) or Tifarah Stareshefsky (973-365-0385) with your questions or to make a dedication.

The PTA Board

Download and print the Parnas Hayom application form and this letter.

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