[שמע] ושננתם לבניך – and you shall teach your children. [רש"י] אלו תלמידים. The Torah equates students with one's children to enforce the principle that students are a responsibility to an educator  as his or her own children.

Welcome to the web home of YBH of Passaic. YBH is an established Makom Torah, where the chinuch of your children is our first priority. If your priority is a yeshiva offering its talmidim and talmidos strong academics in limudei kodesh and general studies, a warm environment and a professional, highly skilled staff, then you should learn why YBH is the school for you. Both our boys' and girls' divisions care for and empower your children to reach their potential. Graduates of YBH are well prepared to meet the challenging and rigorous programs in the mesivtas or high schools of their choices. Come meet our experienced team of knowledgeable rebbeim and moros and prepare to be captivated by their enthusiasm and creative style in motivating our precious students. In these uncertain times, isn't it important that you educate yourself about our wonderful yeshiva right in your midst and give your children the very best opportunities for success? Call, stop in or e-mail us today and make an appointment for a personal and personalized tour of YBH and meet our outstanding team. We look forward to meeting you.

For an appointment, please call (973) 777-0735, email Abigail Rothberger at arothberger@ybhillel.org or request an appointment online.

Berel Leiner