At YBH, our goal is to produce talmidim who are b’nai aliyah. Their focus is to keep growing in all areas of their ruchniyus development; yiras shamayim, limud haTorah and bein adam l’chaveiro. Our hanhala and rebbeim are dedicated to motivating and guiding each talmid through individual attention and by personal example. The simchas hachaim that permeates every part of our yeshiva contributes to making YBH a truly unique environment for learning and growth.

Learning practical Halacha and facilitating experiential learning opportunities bring our Toras Chaim to life. Enhancing the ruchniyus experience through a focus on Tefillah and proper bein adam l’chaveiro/inter-personal skills teaches talmidim how the Torah guides our lives.

Providing the skills and knowledge needed to become critical thinkers and autonomous learners

Torah encompasses every aspect of our lives

A true Ben Torah must integrate Yiras Shamayim and Derech Eretz into his identity and it must be evident in every setting. Whether in Shiur, Science Class or in the gym, a YBH talmid demonstrates  Kavod Habriyos and respect toward his Rebbeim, his General Studies teachers, as well in how he interacts with peers throughout the day.


The YBH talmid is well prepared for success. In Limudei Kodesh, his progress is guided in line with our comprehensive skill-based curriculum. Our experienced and quality staff of rebbeim use various modalities to engage talmidim in order to meet their different learning styles and abilities. Vocabulary development and Chumash translation skills that progress from grade to grade provide a foundation for independent learning and upon which learning Mishna and Gemara can be built. With an emphasis on accuracy and fluency in translating the lashon/text, as well as comprehension of the shakla v’tarya/dialogue of the Gemara, a talmid learns the reasoning analytical skills of Gemara. Farhers by Rabbi Schwartz and Rabbi Perlstein offer the boys an additional perspective on the depth of each sugya and ensure that ambitious standards of learning are being maintained. Enrichment opportunities as well as academic support are provided to differentiate and meet the needs of each talmid.


We provide a well rounded curriculum that ensures that students acquire the literacy, math and content area skills and knowledge needed to become critical thinkers and autonomous learners. Our elementary school teachers differentiate instruction to meet the needs of the children in their classrooms. They employ a repertoire of strategies in daily instruction to ensure that all learners thrive.  Learning targets are informed by curriculum standards established at each grade level and each child’s progress is monitored through a variety of formal and informal assessments.  Children truly experience their classes as a community of learners who collaborate, share and support each other.

In Middle School, our students delve into Earth Science, Biology and an innovative STEM curriculum in partnership with the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education. Students also study ancient civilizations and world history and gain additional insights through the lens of the Jewish experience.  Our middle school math curriculum provides multiple course options that deepen student understanding of mathematical operations using increasingly more complex numbers. We prepare our students for high school with pre-algebra and algebra course offerings.  Our literacy classes enable students to explore multiple genres as they expand their vocabulary and comprehension skills.  They develop and refine both oral and written communication skills and expand their ability both read and write about expository text.  The YBH General Studies curriculum encourages resilience, flexibility and  perseverance as we prepare our students for the demands of the 21st century.